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Obsummary processes single-actor data files (.odf) from The Observer 3.0 and Video Analysis 4.0 (other versions have not been tested but may work) and writes frequencies and durations of each behavior to a comma separated file (.csv). Latencies can also be optionally included in the output.

You only need to specify the configuration file (.cnf) used to create the data files and select which data files to process. You may also specify which behaviors to include in the output file, and whether or not the totals for each behavior should be broken down by modifier. For within-subjects experimental designs, you can format the output according to a within-subjects variable.

A number of options are available for processing partial files as well. This automated processing eliminates the need to manually reformat data files exported from The Observer to a form suitable for analysis. The output files produced by this application can be immediately imported into a spreadsheet application for analysis.

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End-User Agreement

The Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, hereafter referred to as the CBN, retains all ownership rights to this software, including documentation, but grants you a personal license to use the software and documentation free of charge. You may install the software on multiple computers. You may make copies of the software and provide copies to other parties, provided that the parties receiving the software agree to these terms. You may not, however, distribute the software in exchange for money, goods, or services of any kind. You may not alter the software or documentation in any manner. You may not decompile, reverse-engineer, or attempt to obtain the source code in any way without express permission from the CBN.

The software is licensed "as is" with no warranty of any kind. The CBN is not liable for any damages, or loss or corruption of data. The CBN does not warrant that the software or documentation is free of errors. The CBN provides no assurance that the software is suitable for any particular purpose, and you are solely responsible for ascertaining its effectiveness.

   By downloading this software, you agree to the terms above.

(Version 2.1.1; updated 10/23/03)
Please email Andrew Fischer to obtain a registration code.


Tagyerit is a companion application to Obsummary. While Obsummary offers several ways to process partial data files, Tagyerit gives you additional flexibility in processing partial files. Tagyerit creates modified data files (.odf) that can subsequently be processed by Obsummary. Tags are inserted into the original data files for use by Obsummary as start or end points for processing. Tagyerit is automatically installed with Obsummary.

Installation Instructions

Obsummary is designed to run on a Windows operating system. The file contains all of the files necessary to install Obsummary, as well as a manual in pdf format. If you have a previous version of Obsummary already installed, you should uninstall that prior to installing the new version. You can uninstall it through the Windows Control Panel by selecting Add/Remove Programs.

Quick Start

Extract the files from, and run setup.exe.

Detailed Instructions

Extract all of the files from to a temporary folder. If you double-click on the zip file in Windows Explorer or File Manager, a utility should start that will allow you to extract the files to a folder of your choice. If not, you can download a free zip utility, such as ZipCentral (, from the web. Once the files are extracted from the zip file, run setup.exe to install Obsummary. After setup completes, you can delete the files you extracted in the temporary folder. It is recommended that you keep the manual available for reference, however. You can start the program from the Start menu under Programs.

If you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please contact Dave Brown at


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